I am absolutely new to esports.

Can anyone guide me , how can I start playing... esports.


  • DraxstroyerDraxstroyer Posts: 3Member

    1. Pick your poison (aka your favorite title - like LoL, Dota, CS:GO, StarCraft II, Hearthstone, Fortnite, etc.)
    2. Start playing.

    Except CS:GO, all the titles I mentioned are free-to-play, so you just have to invest a bit of time to see, if the game fits you. When you gathered some experience and want to go in-depth, there are various guides on this page or all over the internet.

    Have fun :)

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  • joXnkajoXnka Posts: 84Member

    Can you give us a bit more background please?
    Like what games you've been into before, etc.

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