FIFA 19 hype?

RoshavRoshav Posts: 59Member

So, we are couple of days in the new FIFA, how do you guys feel?

If there are enough players, feel free to leave your PSN ID, Xbox tag or Origin ID


  • SprelixSprelix Posts: 48Member

    I haven't played this game since the 2005 version lmao. I'm not into football games, so.. whoever is - enjoy it.

  • dannyndannyn Posts: 68Member

    I've only played Fifa once. I really don't understand the rules.. :D How exactly does fifa 19 differ to 18? I mean, I guess they may have other players in that season, new shirts...? What else could actually change in a game that already has set rules in real life?

  • NevaehNevaeh Posts: 33Member

    I think they added more generic-people.jpg in the audience and some tshirt physics :trollface:

  • joXnkajoXnka Posts: 84Member

    I honestly couldn't be less hyped about anything :D

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