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Yay, another really good fighting game tournament is coming up this weekend. It's mainly for anime fighting games so Guilty Gear, BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle, Dragon Ball FighterZ and UNIEST tourneys will surely be interesting. Can't wait !


  • SprelixSprelix Posts: 48Member

    Hell yeah ! Btw, here are some streams where people can watch the tournaments :

  • ToziTozi Posts: 20Member

    When is it on?

  • SprelixSprelix Posts: 48Member

    Tournaments start tomorrow 10;00 am EDT, so it should be around 17;00 EU GMT+2.

  • SprelixSprelix Posts: 48Member

    Guilty Gear was so exciting. I was sad that DEB didn't win the whole thing tho... in my opinion, he is the smartest non asian fighting game player and it's so thrilling to watch him play.

  • joXnkajoXnka Posts: 84Member

    Dude, I totally missed out!
    Can you pls link me the gg vod? <3

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  • AlastrociousAlastrocious Posts: 55Member

    - That's from the TOP 8. Personally my favorite match from that top 8 is BjornSonOfBear vs DEB which starts around 01:05:00.

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