Thanking the Bus Driver, or how much the memes influence the companies...

DarkExecutorDarkExecutor Posts: 48Member

As you may know, Epic Games added the recent meme "Thanking the Bus Driver" into their game, so now, while you play, you can press down to thank the buss driver.

This gives me the question. How much does memes influence the games we play? Do you think that ir's good that they implement that kind of stuff? Do you know other companies who do that in their games?


  • RoshavRoshav Posts: 59Member

    I don't think that memes are bad influence in games. Even contrary, i kinda enjoy that big developers have time and energy to implement memes into their games... or other games references like Blizzard put Ork Kratos and Ork Atreus in World of WarCraft to talk about war and stuff...

    All though i don't play Fortnite, kudos to Epic Games for their dedication in this :)

  • NevaehNevaeh Posts: 33Member

    I think it's an interesting touch that would make at least a couple of millennials smile :D I noticed something similar in Dead Cells which is pretty cute:

    Every time one of those pink guys jumps on a lower floor it shouts Yolo! and falls to their death :D

  • DarkExecutorDarkExecutor Posts: 48Member

    I also play Dead Cells and i have never noticed this :O You blew my mind! I guess it's time for another run!

  • memekweenmemekween Posts: 24Member

    But still dont forget to thank the bus driver irl :D

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