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  • Top PUBG Headshots of 2018
    Hey guys, long time no see. But i am coming here with blast from the past to present you my bran…
    4 views 0 comments Started by DarkExecutor
  • presents Broadcaster Royale! Me and @Roshav will be taking part in the second qualifications …
    31 views 24 comments Most recent by Sprelix
  • Thoughts on the new ranking system
    From what I hear it's pretty bad. I just watched a very heartbreaking video by moses on the subjec…
    11 views 5 comments Most recent by Nevaeh
  • Is PUBG Fixable?
    You've seen the site What do you think? Can BlueHole pull it off? Me person…
    42 views 15 comments Most recent by joXnka